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Japan's Industrial Output Cuts In March The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) of Japan reports that industrial production in March 2014 rose by 0.1 percent month-on-month (MOM) and by 2.4 percent year-on-year (YOY) on a seasonally and MOM adjusted basis. Excluding cars and motorcycles, industrial production showed a stronger growth, rising by 0.6 percent MOM and 2.8 percent YOY. The Japanese economy has been hit by various headwinds this year, including deflation, the global slowdown and natural disasters, causing the country's growth rate to be unusually low. The main reason behind such low growth is that the economy has been reluctant to invest in productive capacity, making Japan's economy less dynamic. Some Japanese economists believe that it would be best if Japan adopted a more open and outward-looking trade policy to overcome deflation, given the fact that the yen's weakness has led to a severe decline in Japan's international competitiveness. However, Japanese monetary authorities have so far maintained tight control over the country's financial system and the yen's strength. Indeed, the value of the yen relative to the U.S. dollar has continued to decline, despite the weakness of the U.S. dollar in relation to other major currencies such as the euro and the Chinese yuan. This has taken a toll on Japanese exporters, who are struggling with overvalued currencies, despite strong demand from China and other export markets. In addition to weakening exports, the Japanese economy has also been hit by subdued corporate spending and investment. The Bank of Japan has kept interest rates close to zero for years, in an effort to stimulate economic activity by boosting domestic demand, but the central bank's asset purchase programs have failed to achieve their intended goals. Meanwhile, the government is also undertaking stimulus measures, such as fiscal and monetary policies aimed at boosting domestic demand and supporting exports. The government has already implemented stimulus measures, including increasing the minimum wage and lowering the sales tax rate to make it cheaper for firms to hire workers, and is planning further stimulus programs in order to sustain the recovery.「Deave cone Eniance」のMCを務めた歌手の�



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